Mobile payment processing

Faster and more convenient payments boost the impact of your investment

Every day of delay for a reward reduces the impact of that reward by 4.4%.  As most payment systems take weeks and often are made in the form of gift cards, the behavioral change benefit of the incentive is almost completely lost.  Whistle developed a payment processing technology so incentives and rewards can be delivered to a mobile device in seconds, maximizing the impact and ROI of your incentive program. Whistle Payments can:

  • Reduce the cost of your program by up to 66%
  • Boost the impact of your investment
  • Reduce fraud and waste in your incentive program
  • Make the administration of payments easy, saving time and money

Whistle Payments

Giving small, immediate incentives is 3x more effective than one large reward at the end.  For example, giving three $10 rewards for completing each third of a task, has the same impact as a $90 incentive for a whole task!

This behavior science principal “temporal discounting” is true if the reward is money or something as simple as being recognized by a peer or earning a badge.  The more frequent and immediate the reinforcement, the greater the impact.

Whistle developed a digital wallet as part of a mobile app that allows program participants to receive rewards immediately after a goal or task is completed.

Add our payment processing to your program and you could reduce costs by up to 66% while driving better performance, improving retention and delighting your people!

We set out to build the most timely, secure and transparent way of making payments to a mobile device – and our engineering team exceeded expectations.  The Whistle digital wallet and payment processing products are impressive.

– Drew Carter
CEO, Whistle

  • Designed with the participant in mind

    Incentive payments conveniently delivered to a digital wallet in a participant’s mobile device

  • Real time incentive processing

    Speed matters.  Incentives of any kind can be delivered automatically based on the rules you set up for your program.

  • Advanced AI and machine learning

    Leverage AI tools that guide interactions with each participant to maximize their success – and yours

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