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Channel Learning is Broken

In a Whistle survey of 250 sales channel professionals, 75.6% said they are more effective at selling when they are well informed about the product, and more than half wanted better training programs. Clearly, learning is a critical pillar for a successful sales channel, yet this element is totally broken in most businesses.

Current learning formats center around long format lectures or videos, passive content distribution (an online library) or conference workshops where most information is forgotten within a few days.  According to Harvard researcher Daniel Schacter, people typically forget about 80%  of what they learn within 30 days. This “forgetting curve” can be improved by learning information in small quantities to improve retention, also known as the “retention curve”.

The US spends about $82 billion each year on workplace training and it appears most of that investment is wasted. The answer to this challenge could be microlearning.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the concept of breaking down learning into small pieces of information that only require a few minutes to consume making it is easier for our brains to process and understand.

Microlearning is gaining in popularity due to growing research that suggests it is a better learning format than a lecture, presentation or more traditional longer-form learning methods, and because it more closely resembles the patterns of how we consume other content on mobile devices and websites, such as social media platforms, text messaging, etc.

Download the whitepaper and read more about Microlearning and the 7 advantages it provides over traditional learning formats in addition to links to additional research and articles about Microlearning

Microlearning can improve channel performance

To learn more about microlearning and the 7 major advantages it provides over traditional learning programs, download the entire white paper.