Whistle Payments, Remarkably Simple.

Save time and money by eliminating fees and breakage so more money is spent creating value for your business. Oh, did we mention reporting is a breeze?

Whistle Payments

Why are companies like yours using Whistle Payments?

No hidden fees with Whistle Payments

No Hidden Fees

Whistle Payments is free to use and process payments.  There are no hidden handling fees, load fees or processing fees that drain money away from your people and reduce the impact of your program.  Finally a fair payment system is here!

Whistle Payments is real time

Real Time

Time is the most important factor when using a reward or incentive to influence a behavior.  For every day delay, the impact of a reward is reduced by 4.5%!  Whistle Payments processes in seconds to make sure reward value is maximized.

No breakage with Whistle Payments

No Breakage

Each year millions of dollars of value is taken from people as unused balances expire on gift cards or other incentive programs.  Whistle payments ends breakage and creates a system that is more fair for everyone.


Complete Transparency

See where your funds are going and how they are being used in real-time.  Whistle Payments gives people and companies transparency into how their funds are spent, giving everyone a little more peace of mind.

Easy to administer

Easy to Manage

Whistle payments simplifies the process to distribute funds so managers can spend more time creating value and less times with administrative process.  Set up budgets, create rules and automate payments with ease.

Secure payments


Advanced encryption ensures that your payment information and data is safe and secure.  Two factor authentication, budget approvals and a menu of additional security controls reduces risk of fraud and bad actors.

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case study Whistle Payments

Case Study: Build a More Inclusive Culture with Shared Philanthropy Budgets

Learn how Whistle Payments helped a company build a more inclusive culture by creating a culture building budget for philanthropy – that also changed how the CEO thinks about supporting the community.

How are companies like yours using Whistle Payments?

Spot Bonuses

Whistle Payments allows real-time distribution of rewards and bonuses in seconds.  No more ordering and distributing thousands of gift cards.  No more bonuses hidden in payroll.  A win for companies and employees alike!

Culture Building Budgets

Automate small monthly budgets to give everyone ownership of company culture, build inclusivity – give everyone the ability to invest in your culture. Learn more.

Reward Processing

Easily distribute reward payments to thousands of recipients with simple bulk uploading tools with Whistle Payments.

Payment Integrations

Whistle Payments integrates with existing communication platforms like Slack and Teams so you can send a payment directly where your employees hang out. Learn more.


Team members on the road or have an important project but not company card.  Set up a budget in advance to make it easy on you and your employee with Whistle Payments.

Incentivize Training

Create micro payments as your team demonstrates new knowledge, skills and behaviors.  Give your people and company the ability and motivation to succeed!

How does Whistle Payments Work?

Whistle Payments Setup

1. Create a Whistle Payments account for your company.  Its free to sign up and takes less than a minute.

Whistle Payments Options

2. Fund a budget.  Use ACH, credit card of wire transfer to load funds for your program.

Whistle Payments App

3. Send payments.  Whistle payments can process one or one million payments with our bulk processing tools.

Whistle Payments Dashboard

4. Track progress.  In real time see transaction progress and payment use through Whistle Payment dashboards.

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