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Culture budgets, empower your people!

Whistle gives companies a simple way to empower teams, strengthen relationships, and help everyone feel more valued at work.

Don’t spend more, just spend better.

How much are you already spending on employees?  The answer might surprise you.  

Whistle surveyed hundreds of businesses across industries to understand how we invest in people and how we could do that better.  It turns out most of the money spend (about 92%) is wasted or not spent well.

Take a minute to fill out the spending calculator below and we help you estimate your current budget and how you can spend that to build a more inclusive culture and empowered team.

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Start having immediate impact with Whistle

  • Shift HR budgets to front-line managers and team leaders so more diverse ideas and activities can flourish.
  • Give each team member a ”team-building budget” to empower new relationships to form and culture gaps narrow.
  • Distributed philanthropy makes every team member the hero of their story and have an increased sense of feeling valued.
  • Reward learning and practicing inclusive behaviors so people are motivated to apply new behaviors in their daily lives.
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Culture budgets on the Whistle app

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Easy reporting with total transparency

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The Whistle platform automates the complexity of specific people programs, like culture budgets, so companies can move the needle on employee loyalty – improving their top and bottom line in just a few months.

Companies already improving employee loyalty with Whistle

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Case study culture building budget

Case Study: Build a More Inclusive Culture with Shared Philanthropy Budgets

Learn how Whistle helped a company build a more inclusive culture by creating a culture building budget for philanthropy – that also changed how the CEO thinks about supporting the community.

Examples of culture budgets

Wellness icon


Give each employee the ability to invest in their wellness in a way that meets their needs.

Philanthropy budget


Make every employee a hero to the charity and community that they care about.

team building budget

Team building

Inclusivity starts by bringing people together around communities of interest.

Ad-hoc bonus

Ad-hoc bonuses

Empower managers with budgets to reward employees in the moment or just help during periods of stress.

Travel icon


Create budgets so employees can avoid the pain of out-of-pocket expenses.


No more one size fits all learning that no one likes.  Empower learning that fits the need.

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