Employee recognition for every type of work and worker

Employee Recognition Simplified for everyone

The simplicity of Whistle means better engagement, better employee recognition and a better culture for everyone in and around your business.

Recognition + Rewards + Incentives in one easy to use platform.

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Work has changed a lot in the last few years.  Whistle was created to meet the challenges of today’s hybrid, gig, distributed teams and create cultures where everyone feels valued.

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Ideal for distributed teams

Today’s workforce is distributed, hybrid, sub-contracted and gig.  Regardless of the team composition or location – Whistle makes employee recognition and rewards work for every type of team, and with an experience everyone will love.

Give people what they want

Employee recognition is about making people feel valued in the moments that matter.  Whistle gives every team and manager the ability to do just that in just a few clicks.  With or without a reward – the focus remains on teams feeling valued, not the complexity of the gift card catalog no one really cares about.

Take the right approach

By leveraging behavioral science and integrating communication, learning and feedback tools with employee recognition Whistle is the only platform designed to change behavior and create the culture your company needs to be successful.

Whistle App - Web and Mobile

Welcome to Whistle!

The Whistle platform automates the complexity of employee recognition programs making it easier to engage people in any role and in any location helping everyone feel like a valued member of the team.


“I love this platform!”  five gold stars

Kelly A., Senior Operations Manager

The most efficient and cost effective recognition platform.

Leveraging behavioral science and years of HR tech experience, Whistle focuses on simplicity, timeliness and joy to create an experience that is not only intuitive, but cost effective – saving you time and money.

Help EVERYONE feel valued.

From temp workers to contractors, hybrid to remote – Whistle can include everyone who deserves to be recognized.  Recipients don’t even need to download an app or create an account (although we do have great mobile and web apps).

Make your recognition social.

Like, comment, add emojis, share an animated GIF – we are all used to social tools, give people the ability to elevate the behaviors that make your company a great place to work – and enjoy giving recognition as much as receiving.

Let all your cultures thrive.

From IT to Sales, HR to Finance – every company has many cultures. Whistle allows recognition budgets to be distributed to any group, function – really any way you see fit to help your many teams and cultures thrive.

Integrations make recognitions even easier.

With over 70 HR integrations and common communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, Whistle makes it easy to administer recognition programs, and easy to access recognition tools wherever your teams are working

Whistle integrations

Curate and encourage better outcomes with Robin.

Robin is Whistle’s AI persona who continually curates each person’s experience in the platform and makes suggestions to participants and administrators alike on how to achieve the greatest impact.

Best in class reports and insights.

Of course, you can review, report and export all your recognition data.  Who is doing the recognizing or who is being recognized.  Create custom dashboards or have our data team benchmark your organization or even create predictive scores for retention risk.

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