Experienced. Passionate. Fun.

We are serious people who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in our mission: Empower success for every individual because we know smarter investment in people is the key to every company’s success. Investing in people is shown to improve productivity twice as effectively as investing in new equipment. People are both your largest and least understood investment. We can fix that.

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Experience in the Payment Space: 20+ years
Experience in Behavior Science: 15+ years
Experience Building SaaS Platforms: 21+ years
Hours spent watching Netflix this year: 2,143
Games of Pickleball played: 163
Socially distant backyard meetings: 49
Total cats and dogs: 13


WE ARE HUMAN and recognize that we all bring different strengths, skills, histories, vulnerabilities and energy to work

WE ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS and take responsibility to grow as humans, teammates and members of society

WE ARE FOCUSED ON POSITIVE RESULTS and value work that has purpose, meaning and impact

WE ARE PART OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY and strive to build an inclusive, equitable, safe and sustainable world

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