Whistle platform


Leveraging decades of experience in design, behavioral science and engineering we are building a better way to communicate and process incentive payments, improving the ROI of your channel program.

It is time for a modern approach with Whistle. Take the guesswork out of your channel investment and start understanding and inspiring the behaviors that create value for your company, your customers and your partners.


Whistle connects you directly with your sales channel. Program and product data at their fingertips empowers participants to excel.


Bring incentive payments into the 21st century.  The Whistle digital wallet provides instant gratification for your sales channel, to truly re-enforce behavior.


80%-90% of what is learned in a workshop is forgotten within 30 days.  Whistle microlearning can boost retention and drive success

Why Whistle

Whistle was created by a group of industry leaders with decades of experience in the technology, applied sciences and incentive marketplace.

We makes it easy to improve the performance of the distributors, sales people and service providers in your channel.

  • Tools for Success

    As much as 90% of the resources invested to support your sales and service channel could be wasted.  Whistle provides the tools you need to cut waste and improve incentive program performance.

  • Humanize

    We don’t just see programs, we see people. Psychology and behavior science inform our tech and drives behavior that leads to happier, more successful participants.

  • Beyond Incentives

    Your channel partners need more than a gift card, they need a partner. The incentive industry is changing.  Success is not measured by how many gift cards you give away – but how much revenue and profit your channel creates for your business.

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