Whistle helps construction companies boost their bottom line

Improve safety, retention and technology adoption

More than a rewards platform, Whistle helps construction companies empower teams and change behavior.

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Better performing people, better trained managers and empowered teams are a win for everyone.  See how Whistle is changing the construction industry.

Focus on the right problems

Construction companies often focus on transactional programs like compensation and benefits when employees are focused on the relational like feeling valued by their boss and peers. (Learn more)

Use the right technology

Most technology was designed to automate administrative work, by adding motivating factors like rewards, constructors can boost results, create safer job sites and boost their bottom line.

Take the right approach

Leverage the latest thinking in behavioral science and analytics to create a solution specific to your team – allowing you to maximize the value of your existing investment in people and technology.

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The Whistle platform automates the complexity of specific people programs so construction companies can move the needle on safety, productivity and employee retention – improving their bottom line in a few months.


“I love this platform!”  five gold stars

Kelly A., Senior Operations Manager

Easy to set up, launch and manage

Set up and deploy Whistle in minutes.  Whistle was designed with simplicity in mind because no one needs more work to do.

  • Create a Whistle account

  • Fund your rewards budget

  • Start sending rewards!

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Start having impact with every person across the job site

At the heart of Whistle is the most powerful yet easiest to use rewards platform ever made.  From spot safety rewards to team building budgets to automated rewards for completing important jobs – Whistle can operate or integrate across your existing technology portfolio.

Download the Whistle Rewards app from the Procore marketplace and integrate rewards for actions logged in Procore.  From daily safety logs to progress photos – boost the value of your Procore investment, reduce risk and encourage more of the behaviors that drive your bottom line.

Give site managers and safety supervisors budgets to give spot rewards in real-time.  In seconds people on the job can receive a reward – and timeliness matters when it comes to encouraging safety behavior.  Easy for the manager. Easy for the recipient. 10x more impactful than traditional safety reward systems. 

Changing behavior requires motivation, ability and awareness.  Whistle is the first platform to seamlessly integrate all three.  Leverage our existing job site training content or upload your own.  Track progress in real time, gamify the experience and reward completion.  Remove the headaches from job site safety training and compliance.

Set up different rewards programs for any use case.  Empower your managers to build high-performing teams by giving them greater control of small budgets that have such big impact with teams.  From buying lunch to grabbing a needed piece of equipment – Whistle automatically records all budget information in real time and uses AI to automatically categorize spend catagories.

A key driver of every business is effective people managers, yet most organization promote people with great technical ability but limited people management skills.  Whistle partnered with a globally recognized leadership training institute to create a learning program specifically for first time people managers.

Community impact is a big part of the construction industry’s culture.  Whistle’s budget ability allows construction companies to give employees a budget specifically for charitable giving – making every employee the here of their own community.  Learn more.

Empower managers and build more effective teams on every job site

Your team, departments and people are diverse – start using a platform designed to accommodate those differences of age, backgrounds and skills.  Leveraging AI and behavioral science, the Whistle platform delivers an experience that is tailored to each individual and puts budgets in the hands of front line managers so your programs meet people where they are.

diverse constrcution team
Whistle integrations

Collect feedback, gain insights and create a culture of continual improvement

Leverage robust data tools, native surveys and integrate data from almost any source into Whistle’s advanced data infrastructure giving you new insights into your people and performance.  Understand not only what moves the needle, but using predictive models begin to take action before little problems grow into big problems.

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