Microlearning can improve channel performance

Channel Learning is Broken, and Microlearning Can Fix It

Companies waste billions of dollars each year on outdated education and learning programs across the channel. Learn about the 7 advantages of Microlearning and how Whistle can improve the performance of your channel ecosystem.

Next Generation Channel Program

The modern channel programs that rise above the fray will have more in common with popular smartphone apps than they will with the tired commission programs of the past decades. Companies who will drive this change will compete on three fronts: Attention, Guidance and Speed.
Fair Incentives

Creating Fair Incentives using Data Science

Channel sales programs have a fairness problem.  Salespeople are not playing on a level playing field. Some people work in major hubs and others spread-out rural areas. Some people have decades of experience and a deep rolodex, while…
Making friends with friction white paper

Making Friends with Friction

Friction is a critical element of behavior change but most people have a very limited understanding of positive friction and how it can increase motivation and creating lasting behavioral patterns

How Microlearning Will Transform the Sales Channel

Challenges of Learning Your success depends on your channel understanding your value proposition. If sales people are not up to speed on your products and services, how are they going to effectively sell your products and services? Getting…