Microlearning, a better way to learn

Individualized, easy to use and just better results

76% of sales people in a recent Whistle survey said they are more effective at selling when they are well informed about the product, and more than half wanted better training programs. Giving people the right knowledge, at the right time can significantly improve retention, productivity and the ROI of your people investment. Microlearning is:

  • More convenient to access content 
  • 20% better at creating knowledge retention
  • More efficient to design, manage and update content to help keep pace in a fast moving world
  • Customizable to individual needs with advanced AI tools

Whistle Microlearning Product

Learning is broken as libraries of information sit unused and 80%-90% of what is learned in a workshop is forgotten within 30 days. The Whistle Microlearning Platform divides learning into bite size chunks and proactively delivers information to your mobile device.  

Not only does this make information more accessible and efficient to manage, but research shows our ability to process information this way boosts retention.  Learning can be customized to the individual and Whistle’s AI engine even guides the participant to the information that will maximize their success.

Whistle then provides insights on what is driving your business. We take the guess-work out of training, showing which material improved your bottom line and which efforts are a waste of time.

We looked at dozens of LMS and content platforms and it was clear that Whistle is way ahead of the curve.  The focus on user experience, the direct connection to business results and the advanced data tools made Whistle an easy decision.

– Jamie Damato Migdal
CEO, Fetchfind

  • Designed with the participant in mind

    Mobile centric learning that matches how we consume media today – in bite size chunks

  • Easy to configure and customize

    Intuitive admin tools make content creation and configuration easy, so your content keeps up with the rapidly changing needs of your people and business

  • Advanced AI and machine learning

    Leverage AI tools that guide each participant to the knowledge that will maximize their success – and yours

  • Progress indicators

    Progress indicators, leaderboards and other data visualizations allowing each participant to track their progress, stay engaged and motivated

  • Badges and Recognition

    Badges and other recognition tools are natively integrated, keeping people motivated and engaged throughout the learning experience

Learn more about the advantages of Microlearning

Whistle’s new white paper explores 7 advantages of microlearning and how it can dramatically improve learning in your channel.

In a Whistle survey of 250 sales channel professionals, 75.6% said they are more effective at selling when they are well informed about the product, and more than half wanted better training programs. Clearly, learning is a critical pillar for a successful sales channel, yet this element is totally broken in most businesses.