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New Feature

Whistle Payments Slack integration makes payments from chat easy

Bringing payments to where your team communicates

We’re excited to announce that we have launched the beta of Whistle Payments for Slack. This Slack integration allows companies to seamlessly send and receive payments with your team directly in chat. If your team is already using Slack to communicate then it makes sense to bring the payments to where they are.

“We collaborated with some of our clients and noticed they would send a payment for a bonus or lunch, and then switch to Slack to notify the recipient. It was a no-brainer that we should integrate directly. Now they can do it all without leaving Slack!”  -Ben Valenti, Head of Engineering, Whistle

The Whistle payment tools available in Slack allow users to view budgets, send payments, and check Whistle Card balances with easy to use commands and modals.

Employee teams large and small, in office or distributed, hybrid or at home, can all leverage the value of Whistle’s real-time payment technology.  Distributing a bonus, buying lunch or reimbursing a team member can be completed in seconds without ever leaving the Slack interface.

The Whistle Payments for Slack beta is now available to clients upon request. Additional features and a Slack App Store debut will be coming later this summer along with integrations into other chat platforms like Microsoft Teams (expected fall 2023)

How does the Whistle Payments Slack integration work?

Whistle Payments Slack Integration 1

Slash Commands

/balance – displays all of your Whistle Card balances

/budgets – displays the budgets you have permissions to use

/pay – opens the payment modal to send an instant payment to anyone in your organization

Send a payment in Slack

Payment Modal

The payment modal makes sending a payment to a teammate quick and easy!

If you’re used to sending payments within Whistle, this is just as simple, but now you can do it in Slack!

Slack payment message

Messaging and Privacy

Payments can be sent publicly, or in private DMs. Only the recipient sees the amount.

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