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Requesting a Physical Card from Whistle Rewards

In addition to using Whistle Rewards through various digital payment types, you can also request a physical card!  Your card works like any other Visa debit or credit card at over 30 million locations around the world.

How do I request a Whistle Rewards card?

From your digital wallet page on the Whistle App, there is a menu of options on the lower left side (just below the green wallet).

  1. Click on the account management button and a sub-menu will open.
  2. Select “Request a Physical Card” and a short form will open up.
  3. Fill out your mailing information and click next.
  4. All that is left is to accept the Cardholder Agreement, Privacy Policy and Electronic Signature Agreement.

Your done!.

How long does it take to deliver?

Once you have requested your Whistle Rewards card, it typically takes 5 to 7 business days to process and deliver to your mailing address.

Can the card design be customized?

Companies have the option to customize the Whistle Rewards card to match a design of their choosing.  Learn more about card design options here.

What is a Whistle Rewards card?

The Whistle Rewards card is a Visa debit card product that operates the same way as most Visa cards.  It can be used online or through point-of-sale terminals at over 30,000,000 locations around the globs.

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