Add Incentives to Procore Submittal Log to Boost Profitability and Safety. - Whistle

New Feature for Procore Users

Add Incentives to Procore Submittal Log to Boost Profitability and Safety.

Add Incentives to Procore Submittal Log to Boost Completion Rates!

Submittal logs have a big impact on profitability and safety on every project.  Getting project teams to complete submittal logs on schedule is a challenge for almost every construction company.  Submittal logs are often tedious and time consuming giving people every reason to procrastinate.

Whistle worked with contractors and the Procore team to create a simple yet powerful incentive tool specifically for improving submittal log success for Procore users.

It turns out that submittal logs done well is the #1 behavior that determines a project profitability.  For many builders that is no surprise.  What most people don’t know is that Procore has identified submittal logs also as an important driver of safety.  When there are gaps in the submittal logs, more change orders are needed and work can be rushed resulting in higher incident rates on the job site.

With just a few clicks a Procore administrator can choose a project, select participants and launch an incentive program.

“We are really excited about this feature because of the potential value it can create for our clients” said Chris Dornfeld, President of Whistle Rewards. “Even small improvements can produce a big ROI.”

Improve Submittal Log comopletion
Construction rewards app

Include any Field in the Submittal Log, Even Custom Ones.

Add incentives to one or all the fields in your submittal log in Procore.  You can even include custom fields from each project.

Whistle Rewards in Procore
Adding a reward to the submittal log in Procore

Easy to set up and manage!

It takes less than a minute to set up an incentive for a submittal log on a project in Procore.  Once selected, Whistle automates the rest saving you time and money.

Set the goal that is right for your business

Set the percentage completion goal and the timeline for the reward to remain active, helping create a sense of urgency to get the submittal log done on time.

Goal selection slides in Whistle Rewards for Procore
Construction worker getting automated messages from Whistle

Automate nudges and reminders

Reduce your administrative headaches as Whistle automates communication to encourage engagement and keep people informed as they make progress.

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Add Incentives to Procore Submittal Log to Boost Profitability and Safety.

Submittal Logs are a important to the success of every project. Whistle Rewards helps Procore users boost their Submittal Log success.
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