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Whistle System Platform Updates January 2023

We’re constantly improving our platform and interface to ensure the best possible Whistle experience. This week, we made serious improvements to our Programs Editor and Learning Editor, along with several other quality of life changes.
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The importance of creating a personalized employee experience: Growth and Mastery

Growth and mastery refer to employees’ opportunities to develop professionally and to experience the satisfaction that comes with continuous growth
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The importance of creating a personalized employee experience: Expectation and Capabilities

Setting clear expectations is a primary element of employee loyalty. For decades Gallup has surveyed workers about the factors having the strongest influence on their job performance. “I know what is expected of me” has topped the list for many years.

The importance of creating a personalized employee experience: Focus on Safety

Safety sits at the bottom of the hierarchy representing the most basic needs of any employee. Your staff need to feel free from harm to bring value to your company. Lacking freedom from harm, employees will tend to churn within 90 days and often within 30.

Creating a personalized employee experience can help improve retention and loyalty

The secret to a highly engaging culture lies in something that most companies are already doing, but for a different audience: personalization.


Culture is the foundational bedrock of your business, every bit as important as marketing, reporting, or IT infrastructure. But many companies think of culture as something that happens organically, without needing to spend any money.
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Whistle partners with Largely, the Candidate & Employee Experience Platform

Whistle gives Largely the ability to put the right rewards and incentives, at the right place and at the right time without adding complexity
Reduce quiet quitting with employee loyalty


Although the term quiet quitting is new, the problem is not. Learn 5 ways employee loyalty can quickly stop quiet quitting.
Magic Links Whistle App

Magic Links – New Whistle Feature

Magic Links are the fastest and easiest way to send an employee reward or payment. Learn more about the Whistle App today.
Holiday gift ideas to boost employee loyalty


6 Holiday gift and party ideas to increase employee loyalty during the holidays that are simple, fun and work remote or in person.
Jennifer Ernst-Employee Loyalty Leader

Employee Loyalty Leader Jennifer Ernst

Jennifer a therapist, coach, and mother who is bringing more courage, connection, and meaning to our lives, relationships, and work
Employee Loyalty Definition

Employee Loyalty Definition

The employee loyalty definition and other information about the meaning and elements that impact employee loyalty in the workplace
Effective Employee Loyalty Rewards

Effective Employee Loyalty Rewards Are Required to Retain Employees

Get the information you need to understand employee loyalty rewards and how to use them to improve employee loyalty in your company.
Metrics in Whistle

Metrics – New Feature

Metrics are a new feature in Whistle giving company a simple way to measure impact outside of the platform or from other data sources. Simple yet so powerful!
Whitney Kenter Employee Loyalty Leader

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Whitney Kenter

Whitney Kenter is an entrepreneur and creative visionary helping companies unlock the value and potential of their business.
Employee Loyalty App featured image

4 Key Elements of an Employee Loyalty App

4 elements are critical for an effective employee loyalty app.
Employee Loyalty Leader David Klein

Employee Loyalty Leaders with David Klein

Getting to know people and being human is a key element of being a great leader according to David Klein, Sr. Director of Talent at Spirit Airlines.
Challenges with Employee Onboarding

Challenges with Employee Onboarding (and How to Solve Them)

Employee onboarding is critical to the success of any business but most companies are not taking these steps to create a better employee onboarding experience.
Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee Appreciation “Gifts” Can Be Worse Than Doing Nothing

Employee appreciation can be effective at building employee loyalty, but when done wrong it can be worse than doing nothing.
5 Things Employee Onboarding

Start Doing These 5 Things When Onboarding New Employees

Employee burnout can sneak up on even the most ambitious people — making it a condition that today’s leaders and business executives need to take seriously.
Katie Harman, VP HR Comtrea

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Katie Harman

Organizations must focus on up-skilling and developing their current staff for succession planning.