SMS Text makes Whistle the easiest employee payments tool
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SMS Text Feature, makes Whistle the easiest employee payments and reward tool ever

We are thrilled to be announcing the launch of SMS Text Feature for Whistle Payments. This new feature makes getting a payment within Whistle even easier for the recipient. Whistle has always been a powerful hub for team leads to distribute bonuses, reimburse purchases, or buy lunch for the team in just minutes, but with the SMS text feature, we’ve made receiving rewards and bonus payments even easier.

How does the new SMS feature work?

The Whistle SMS Text Feature allows managers and team leads to send secure bonus payments and rewards in seconds via text message. Send a coffee to say thanks, or buy lunch for a job well done. Any dollar amount. Any time. The recipients of your bonus payments or rewards will receive them instantly on their mobile device via secure text messaging.


We know rewards and incentives are powerful tools for creating behavior change and engaging employees. We also recognize that the timeliness of those incentives is critical. Getting your rewards and incentives in the hands of your employees in the simplest and easiest way possible is our goal. With our SMS Text Feature, the recipient doesn’t need an account, password, or even an email address


SMS security was a large focus for us with a number of safeguards that we put in place. Single use, time expiration, and balance threshold are all important factors for avoiding potential security risks. For example, the payment’s text link only logs you in the first time you click it. After that, you must log in again to manage your wallet. Links also expire after 24 hours. No worrying about a year-old email sitting in your inbox with open access to your Whistle wallet! We also use a balance threshold and require a second factor of authorization if the total is over a certain amount.  These are just a few of the security features we designed into the Whistle SMS text feature.


Save time and money by using Whistle Payments with SMS text feature because it is easy to set up and easy for your participants.  

  • Whistle will help you set up an account in about 5 minutes
  • Add funds to your account
  • Send an employee reward or payment instantly

And the SMS Text Feature makes it even easier!


  • Ad-hoc Bonuses. Empower managers with budgets to reward employees in the moment or just help during periods of stress.
  • Wellness Rewards. Give each employee the ability to invest in their wellness in a way that meets their needs.
  • Culture Building Budgets.  Inclusivity starts by bringing people together around communities of interest.
  • Distributed Philanthropy. Make every employee a hero to the charity and community that they care about.


There are many factors that influence employee loyalty but Whistle is the first employee loyalty app specifically designed for that purpose. By leveraging Whistle and integrating with other programs, Whistle can help companies improve both their top and bottom line.

In a recent case study, Whistle helped a manufacturing company reduce turnover by 26% in just 90 days through a redesigned onboarding program. Whistle’s employee loyalty app brought the company’s on-boarding process into the digital age and put it in every employee’s pocket. Employees raved about the mobile-first experience and cash reward system. 

Companies are using Whistle to help people-managers improve relationships with their direct reports, rethinking incentives and rewards, and even changing their approach to culture – building a more inclusive workplace and helping to attract quality candidates.

Contact us for a free demo and better understand how much you can improve employee loyalty when using an employee loyalty app!

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