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Whistle Platform Updates: Programs Editor and Learning Editor

Whistle Updates!

We’re constantly improving our platform and interface to ensure the best possible Whistle experience. This week, we made serious improvements to our Programs Editor and Learning Editor, along with several other quality of life changes. 

Programs Admin Page

First and foremost, our Programs Admin page has been updated to provide a cleaner, more streamlined experience. 

You can now head to the Programs Editor for an existing program quickly with your program roster being instantly populated on the page. You can also view Program Details quickly by clicking the Details button on the program’s listing. 

This details page gives you access to key program details, editor access, and communications options right on the Admin page.

You are now able to jump from Programs Editor, to Learning Editor, and back again. This will make your workflow when building a program much more efficient!

Learning Editor

We updated the Learning Editor experience from top to bottom to let the process feel more cohesive with the rest of the platform, as well as make it easier to get content out to your people.

Each chapter is denoted under the Chapters Tab, and you can view each card by clicking the caret. Editing individual cards is the same process as before.

Quiz and Survey editing now allows you to rearrange question order (hooray!) and each question can now fold in accordion style, so you can view every question in your quiz or survey without scrolling (double hooray!) 

Developers Note:

The Learning Module editor felt the most different out of all the Whistle elements, so we made the editor feel more like the Program editor for a more uniform and familiar experience. 

When visiting the Program Admin page, we found having to click into the old Edit anand Existing Program button just to view your current programs felt clunky. We reduced this flow down a click but allowing you to view all your Programs once the Program Admin page is reached. 

Surveys and Quiz Editor got obnoxiously long after just a few questions, so having them accordion fold allows you to view it all at once! This can be very helpful when trying to write and organize your content. 

That’s all our major updates for now! If you have any questions, feedback, or would like a 1 on 1 walkthrough, let your CSM know and we can get you up to date with Whistle. 

Thank you!


There are many factors that influence employee loyalty but Whistle is the first employee loyalty app specifically designed for that purpose. By leveraging Whistle and integrating with other programs, Whistle can help companies improve both their top and bottom line.

In a recent case study, Whistle helped a manufacturing company reduce turnover by 26% in just 90 days through a redesigned onboarding program. Whistle’s employee loyalty app brought the company’s on-boarding process into the digital age and put it in every employee’s pocket. Employees raved about the mobile-first experience and cash reward system. 

Companies are using Whistle to help people-managers improve relationships with their direct reports, rethinking incentives and rewards, and even changing their approach to culture – building a more inclusive workplace and helping to attract quality candidates.

Contact us for a free demo and better understand how much you can improve employee loyalty when using an employee loyalty app!

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